Mylar Bags | What you Need to Know about Smell Proof Bags

The Appeal of Marijuana Packaging

Building a brand takes lots of time and a great deal of hard work, but these branding hacks for cannabis businesses contain a number of the quickest ways to increase your success. Like Wallingford said, it’s merely a matter of just how much money a provider is willing to invest into packaging. These businesses also work with computer display organizations to supply totally free displays in many cannabis shops as a means to ensure they’re is obtaining the most important data.

The overall demand for marijuana packaging will reach an estimated $278,000,000 this year; and is expected to increase 31 percent a year.

By 2024 demand is expected  to reach $1,100,000,000. The largest share of this demand is predicted to remain with primary and secondary containers such as bottles, jars or folding cartons and are predicted to account for 62 percent of sales in 2024. The study where this information can be found is at


Canabis Product Packaging Expected to Increase by 34% to $670,000,000 by 2024

Any of the popularly seen container types such as mylar bags are projected within both the marijuana and hemp sectors.

  1. Bottles and Jars: These will account for 62 percent of the increase in sales over the next five years which include the many variable types of delivery mechanisms
  2. However, mylar bags, pouches and folding cartons are poised to experience substantial growth as well with the rising demand for edibles
  3. Custom packaging will continue to play a major role in deciding the industry leaders such as Grow Cargo for Mylar Bags moving forward